Chalkboard Forum

Based on the TedTalk presentation ( and project seen across the world, Community Forum aims to give a face to the public in a creative and entertaining fashion. The Kingston project is headed by five individuals of various stripes and will be found in three locations - one will be situated in Market Square; another will be at Queens University; the third will be decided later through votes and public input.

The money issued by Awesome will go towards the blackboard's construction, placement, and maintenance - as well any the tertiary costs. The ideal structure will be conservative in width to prevent disruption of walking traffic, have an awning to prevent it from the elements, and have places to hold and protect the associated chalk. Efforts have been made to make the project as cost-efficient as plausible in order to see it stretched across numerous events and seasons.

With Kingston's substantial student and artist population contributing to its demographic, the project team is confident that Chalkboard Forum will be a welcome addition to the common sights at prolific events. The writing itself will be moderated to prevent unnecessary, derogatory material by moderators and the community.

It is safe to say that this project is not an absolute carbon copy of what has been seen before; efforts have been and will continue to be made to give Community Forum as much creative power as the city that it seeks to reflect.

Подкрепен от Kingston (January 2013)