Our Mission: Support NYC

The mission for this group of New Yorkers is to help build the next New York— a better and more equitable place for all. We do that by coming together in brand new ways and harnessing our creative energy and irrepressible spirit to produce New York moments of joy, while also giving back to the artists, neighborhoods, and people who make our city home.

Our plan is to create and produce live pop up events in many neighborhoods & all boroughs. Specifically we aim to:

  1. Change the narrative around NYC; position NYC as the creative and innovative city that will create the next great era of NYC through the resilience and creativity of its residents (those here + those still coming)
  2. Enlist and pay both well known and up and coming artists of different kinds for performances that are compliant with social distancing guidelines
  3. Tie in efforts to the surrounding neighborhoods
  4. Do events in all 5 boroughs in various neighborhoods that reflect the diversity of NYC
  5. Engage and support local SMBs and restaurants for day of and beyond
  6. Fill nearby empty storefronts with art
  7. Energize + inspire New Yorkers to action
  8. Give back to local neighborhoods at every event (through partnership with NY Cares and more)
  9. Work with local government groups to amplify and ensure compliance (BIDs, city council)
  10. Generate funds to support this effort to continue

We have 3 events planned and many more on the way. One example of an event we are excited about is a Broadway event that will feature many of the out of work Broadway performers and also stagehands, crew and production.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (October 2020)