Children’s Summer Antiracism Story Cooperative

Children’s Summer Antiracism Story Cooperative
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During the month of August, the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition will host a series of three one-hour Zoom story sessions. Each week, the children will be introduced to a story that celebrates the rich diversity of human. The host will read the story aloud as the children follow along. Cooperative conversation for children and adults to follows the reading. How do we raise children to deconstruct race?

For the adults - How do we, those of us with white bodies, create a framework of repair? When a white person says they are not racist, they truly do not understand racism. . . If we are listening, we can hear people of color saying “do not be silent.” “Do the work amongst yourselves. . .”

The first 20 children (one copy per household or group) to RSVP for a cooperative story session will be shipped a complimentary copy of the weekly featured children’s book. After the session, attendees will be sent a thank you mailing.

Tuesdays in August @ 10am:

August 11th – RSVP by Thursday, August 6th
August 18th – RSVP by Thursday, August 13th
August 25th – RSVP by Thursday, August 20th

Featured Children’s Stories:

 All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold, Suzanne Kaufman (illustration) July 2018
 We are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom, Michaela Goade (illustration) March 2020
 I am Enough by Grace Byers, Keturah A Boho (illustration) March 2018

Age Range: 3 – 9
(younger and older family welcome)
Grade: Preschool – 4

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