Healcrest Urban Farm Tea Pop Shop

We have had great experiences vending around town with our products, going to markets and events We love connecting with people that way and having something to offer them.

Our teas are popular at the markets we attend and depending on your taste they are delicious. We are exploring a frozen treat that incorporates tea and fruit and herbs. We want to take this product to market and to do so we need a push cart or bicycle cart for frozen treats.

With this product we can satisfy a variety of palettes and tastes with a healthy, delicious, locally grown and hand crafted treat! I really think folks will line up to sample and enjoy what we have to offer.

Our tea is a popular item at markets and people crowd around to try samples of our delicious Coconut Chai, or Goddess Tea with cinnamon. They love to hear the story of the farm and to drink a delicious beverage made from something grown in the middle of the city.

We love this land and we love sharing its story and uncovering its secrets. The more we care for and nourish the land the more we harvest healthy delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs. All the more adding to delicious ingredients we can share with others.

The more we can connect with people, the more we have resources to bring back to the land and its sustainable development. We are currently undergoing a tree clearing of one of the lots and hope to open up some spaces for the health of some of the other trees. Last spring we introduced bees with great success and we have several other plans and goals.

Just like folks enjoy our hot tea when its cold, Who doesn't like a sweet cold treat when its hot?! This product will grant us access to almost any market. We are currently preparing to build an industrial certified kitchen to be completed for next summer season and by then we want to have a cart that we can bring our product right to the people.

Like all good ice cream carts everywhere, you'll recognize us by the big umbrella!

Подкрепен от Pittsburgh, PA (November 2012)

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