The Arts for Illinois Relief Fund

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented strain on the arts and cultural community. In a statewide survey by Arts Alliance Illinois assessing the potential financial impact of COVID-related closures on the creative sector, 328 respondents estimated that their organizations will lose nearly $85 million in revenue due to a suspension of public-facing programs or exhibitions just through the end of April. These closures impact 24,228 individual events or performances, 3,581 full-time jobs, 13,235 part-time/contract jobs, and nearly 2.5 million audience members or participants, including programs intended for students.

The Arts for Illinois Relief Fund provides financial relief to workers and organizations in the creative industries impacted by COVID-19. This includes all artists and artisans, including stage and production members and part-time cultural workers, and large to small arts organizations in all disciplines. Donations to the fund go directly to artists and arts organizations throughout Illinois.

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