Thinking Inside the Box

We are in an age where almost all of our experiences are mitigated by some form of digital device. This reality comes with some benefits like increased connectedness to others, access to information, but it also detaches us the truths we feel intuitively...discerned through meditative experiences and critical self-reflection.

Thinking Inside the Box consists of a series of modular and Pop-up-able 10X10ft cubes that an individual enters, is prompted to reflect and respond to. The isolated experience provides an analog experience separate from outside voices, opinions, and screens. Each box will isolate the patron's senses in a specific way to trigger different modes of reflection. The user will remain in the box for 3-5 minutes.

The general goal of the series of boxes is to isolate the individual, activate senses, trigger reflection and expand our sense of possibility and self-efficacy.

The first box is designed to provide a sense of weightlessness, infinity. The individual will be prompted with an intermittently illuminated sign asking them critical questions about the nature of their humanity and their power to fight for the humanity of their fellow humans. The objective is to have the user realize their power and commit to themselves to using it to build a more just world.

Подкрепен от Raleigh, NC (December 2018)