Generation Queer

September’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Scott Sharma to support Generation Queer’s advocacy for non-binary bathrooms in Ottawa schools.

“The reason why non-binary bathrooms are needed,” explains Scott, “is that often people who are transgender or non-binary may be harassed or physically or sexually assaulted. What non-binary bathrooms do is create a safe place for people to go and use the bathroom. It should not matter your gender or gender expression when you need to go to the bathroom.”

Generation Queer, a new for-youth, by-youth group, will engage community partners and local decision-makers to make non-binary bathrooms a reality. “As someone who is gay,” Scott continues, “I was compelled to help make a change in my broader and LGBTQ2+ communities. I felt that I could provide support for people who want to come out and be proud of who they are.”

Scott is a student at Colonel By Secondary School, where he is President of the Model United Nations club. He has worked on Parliament Hill and played on the Ontario provincial rugby team.

Подкрепен от Ottawa (September 2018)