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The STEAM (STEM + Arts) chapter gives monthly, no-strings-attached grants to people anywhere in the world dedicated to making the world more awesome through science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics!

We will award our next grant in Sept 2021 for applications submitted by Aug 31 2021. Any application submitted after this date will be reviewed in the next cycle. If you are interested in donating or becoming a trustee and helping us work towards our goal of giving monthly grants, please reach out for more details.  

Help us out one of two ways:

  • Share this link and encourage others to apply for the grant!
  • Give $100/month and join as a trustee to help fund awesome projects!

How it works

  • The trustees listed below each contribute $100 per month.
  • People with awesome ideas submit an application for the grant.
  • The trustees review and discuss the applications at the end of each month, and pick the best one.
  • The winner is given $1000 (must be able to accept money through PayPal or Venmo).

What we like to see

  • Make us say, “That’s awesome!”
  • Clearly explain where the money will be spent (Hint: "marketing" or "website" is not specific enough).
  • Add photos!
  • Say “PayPal” somewhere in your application so we know you read this and can accept money through this tool.

Click here to see the budget description from a previous winner.

Interested in becoming a trustee?

If you are interested in becoming a trustee or helping in some other way, please fill out this form and we will be in-touch.

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