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The STEAM (STEM + Arts) chapter gives monthly, no-strings-attached grants to people anywhere in the world dedicated to making the world more awesome through science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics!

We are a brand new chapter and will be funding our first awesome project at the end of October. Apply now!

How it works

  • The trustees listed below each contribute $100 per month.
  • People with awesome ideas submit an application for the grant.
  • The trustees review and discuss the applications at the end of each month, and pick the best one.
  • The winner is given $1000 (must be able to accept money through PayPal or Venmo).

What we like to see

  • Make us say, “That’s awesome!”
  • Clearly explain where the money will be spent (Hint: "marketing" or "website" is not specific enough).
  • Add photos (if applicable).
  • Say “PayPal” somewhere in your application so we know you read this and can accept money through these channels.

Interested in becoming a trustee and funding awesome projects? Trustees each contribute $100 per month and vote on their favorite projects. Please fill out this form
 and we will be in touch!

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