Earth Day Shuttle

On Earth Day 2018, get ready for a MindShift! Young Company Productions and Clean Annapolis River Project are teaming up for a spring production… MindShift is all about SHIFTING our culture toward environmental sustainability by inspiring action. What better way to inspire action than through theatre? This production is open to youth from Annapolis and Digby County and will be presented at schools and in the community during the week of April 22nd.

A few years ago, a group of seven students working together with the Halifax Regional Municipality Adventure Earth Centre came together to create MindShift, a sustainability education program presented to high school science students. MindShift involves a humorous and hard-hitting theatrical piece that we would like to introduce to students here in the Annapolis area. Student astronauts transform their classroom into the deck of Spaceship Earth. The ship experiences increasing challenges to its life-support systems as it travels through time. Despite dire warnings, the ship strays on its course and reaches maximum distress in the year 2030...just before it crashes... Here’s what the original Mindshift Team had to say about the program: “MindShift isn’t about changing the world with a single presentation. It’s about sparking an interest in those students, the beginning of a change. It’s about shifting the culture that we live in and changing it for the better.”

Грант предоставил Annapolis, NS (January 2018)