"That Garth Guy. Chef at Large."

I love cooking and I love food. I love my community and local ingredients and exploring the area’s traditional and new foodways. Whether they are historical or contemporary, the culinary arts are my passion. And I am bringing that passion home to Annapolis Royal to stay.
I’m “That Garth Guy – Chef at Large”.
That Garth Guy transforms delicious locally sourced ingredients into great meals for your table. I’m a catering service and a cooking instructor for everything from your in-home dinner party, a historic feast, a picnic lunch to go, or a ready-made meal. That Garth Guy’s warm, inviting approach entertains while teaching a “paint nite” style cooking class, makes your dinner, or presents a unique small group tourism experience.
But I’m offering more than that. My community offers great food to the tourism market. I want to bring it all year long to every aspect of our local demographic, whether it be the elderly, a harried family, people hosting out of town guests, a club or a group. Ready-made meals served in your own home that are delicious, nutritious, hearty, and reasonably priced is a service Annapolis Royal isn’t experiencing on a regular basis. That Garth Guy can deliver! I’m not only about taking food out of the box, it’s about not needing the box! Good food is grown by our neighbours, so why not eat it? If I had this service, I’d even eat better!
My approach builds upon the desire in this community to support local small scale farmers and experience the best food the valley can offer. I can show people that it’s easy to cook with local ingredients, to make it tasty and appealing, and offer pointers on presentation. What That Garth Guy brings to the table is the final step in the local food system – the meal itself.

Грант предоставил Annapolis, NS (December 2017)