First Date For Lyme

A friend and myself would like to put together a production of First Date The Musical to raise money for Lyme Disease research. By casting actors still in high school we hope to learn from fellow students, and teach them what we know. Theatre is something we feel can inspire, enlighten, or if nothing else entertain, so we decided we wanted to put on a performance entertaining a local audience while helping a cause much bigger than ourselves.
The musical itself is very well written, and funny. We hope to use this comedy to affect the people who see the show in a positive way. The musical follows Casey and Aaron’s first date. Aaron is a "blind date virgin," while Casey has been on more than her fair share. When the two are set up by a mutual friend, craziness ensues. The night unfolds over the course of this couple’s hilarious first date, and it’s not without its share of surprises in the form of imaginary visits from Aaron’s ex-girlfriend, Casey’s uptight sister, the pair’s protective parents and even their future son! Google background checks, awkward pauses and bailouts are all there during this unforgettable first encounter between two romantics, who just might be perfect for each other.
Lyme Disease is a sickness caused by a bacteria carried by Blacklegged Ticks. The symptoms can be fever, fatigue and a rash. After a long time untreated, the illness can spread to the nervous system, joints and heart. Awareness for Lyme is pretty low, many doctors don’t look to Lyme when a patient is sick. The condition of a victim of Lyme Disease worsens the longer the sickness goes untreated. Raising awareness would help people get diagnosed faster, and get them treated and cured with ease.

Грант предоставил Plano, TX (May 2017)