Climate for Change

Climate for Change aims to reach those sympathetic to environmental concerns, but who are not actively engaged.

Although scientists and our government have for a long time warned us of the importance climate change, it has been a long standing challenge to effectively engage people to help solve climate change.

Climate for Change connects new people that have not previously been engaged on the environment through their friends.

We do this through one of our favourite things: good food.

Those who are concerned about climate change organise a small gathering of friends (10) to enjoy a meal together and a conversation about climate change.

Climate for Change guides them in organising the gathering, and we send a trained volunteer facilitator to guide the conversation.

This kind of engagement has been run in other countries and has proven not only effective, but personal and meaningful as friends discover the shared concern they have for our environment and become closer through caring for it together.

Each gathering aims to inspire at least 2 participants to host their own gathering, so as to grow exponentially (gatherings in Australia have averaged 2.5).

Since EarthFest, we have trained 5 volunteer hosts (including one team member from Ugly Fruits) who are preparing to conduct focus groups. The focus groups will inform how we tailor the conversations and facilitator training for a Singapore audience.

Грант предоставил Singapore (March 2017)