Services for Homeless Women in Portland, OR

I want to support Laura Nees-Shugart, a residential case management supervisor at Transition Projects, a non-profit supported mainly by state and federal grants. They're mission is to help transition people from homelessness to housing - and they also provide severe weather shelter. In a given year, they help 10,000 people in the Portland area.

But 2017 is off to a different start. Thanks to a winter storm and unseasonably cold weather for Portland, temperatures have been below freezing for 34 days since the first of December 2016. Severe weather shelters, normally open only 11 days in a year, have been open for 22 straight days.

The team, including Laura, work around the clock to ensure there is a clean, safe, warm place for people to stay. And then they also do their normal jobs, helping people find permanent housing and providing other services.

They need some help - supplies, staff and money - to meet the challenge this winter has posed. Let's get them a little extra relief!

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