Troupe presents Rock Your Flow

Troupe Therapy co-creates community with teenage youth who struggle with substance abuse, self-harm behaviors, mental illness, and homelessness through exploratory movement, dance, and multimedia performance based on proven therapy techniques. Our mission is to facilitate youth in the creation of their own art, building their self-esteem, mastery, joy, and hope for the future.
Troupe's eight-week program, Rock Your Flow, engages youth participants in a creative journey to a final community presentation.Rock Your Flow uses cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness concepts integrated with movement classes, helping participants to release emotions and express themselves through dance, art and multi media performance. The program helps develop talent and confidence as youth collaborate closely with experienced artists. Our format includes eight breakdancing and choreography classes and eight artistic exploration classes with participating artist mentors. At the end of the eight weeks, participants and their mentors showcase their talents in a Rock Your Flow public performance.
We are partnering with Justice High School, a charter school in the Boulder County School District. This school is designed for at risk youth disconnected from the traditional school system because of juvenile delinquency, drugs and alcohol, or other factors. The first class of the program, led by a master-level artist and school facilitators, explores core values, feelings, and behaviors through movement. The second class, taught by a master-level dancer and teacher, includes choreography for breakdancing, hip hop, and contemporary fusion. Teachers join participants on stage at the final performance, fostering a low-pressure and supportive environment.
Not only does our program change negative behaviors, but it also impacts the whole community by building relationships with educators, artists, and the public. Through this work, we hope to create communities where our youth will thrive.

Грант предоставил Boulder, CO (September 2016)