Amateur Science Meets Superconductor Research

Superconductors are materials that allow for the continuous transmission of electric and magnetic fields without loss of energy. They have numerous applications to industry, transportation, power generation, and medicine. This Awesome Foundation grant has been awarded to continue research on superconductor production methods which will could allow for the production of irregularly shaped superconductors. These irregular shapes could be utilized in power transmission, magnetic levitation trains, medical devices, and in plasma reactors.

But perhaps more importantly to us, we are funding the people behind the project and their desire to make scientific progress in the face of so many obstacles. In grant recipient Joseph Nardone's own words, "by supporting our project you will allow us to prove that amateur science and inventions can be supported with little funding. We currently live in an environment where many see academia as broken and requiring huge funding to make progress. By supporting smaller projects that are backed by passion AwesomeNYC can prove that amateur science can and will continue to march onward."

We think that's pretty Awesome.

Грант предоставил New York City, NY (March 2016)