BattleShips - Maker Faire 2015

BattleShips is an interactive micro-controlled two player game, similar to the original created by Milton Bradley. Our version involves digitally controlled LED pegs on a 4x4' display board, operated by the players at the front of each game board. Each game board will have realistic ships ranging from the 2' long Scout boat up to the massive 8' long aircraft carrier. Each BattleShip will have pneumatic underwater explosions indicating hits, after the ship has reached its critical hit, a red flag will raise indicating the sinking of that ship.

In between matches, the host will describe the workings of the games construction, basic electronics, while encouraging children and adults to pursue their dreams on the high seas. The game has involved hours of construction, many hours of soldering, and even many more hours of coding.

The entire game spans over two 10x10' game boards providing the audience an amazing experience while an admiral keeps the audience engaged in live action play by play.

With over 100k people in attendance, we expect to have an enormous turnout throughout the weekend. Our sponsors will gain naming rights to our boats sailing alongside the "USS i3Detroit"

We will be setting sail at Maker Faire July 25-26, conquering port Henry Ford, the battle will be epic, and many ships will be sunk, it will be a glorious day.

Грант предоставил Detroit, MI (June 2015)