Tangible Possibility: playful speed dating

Designed by Oakland artist and author Lea Redmond Tangible Possibility offers a wildly creative and fun way to meet new people. Engage in quirky, whimsical get-to-know-you activities and quickly get a sense of whether someone would be an awesome new romantic partner, friend, or colleague.
An attendee of Tangible Possibility is greeted by a friendly, light-hearted structure designed to draw out the true self and reveal a little bit of it to everyone in the room. No one will have to fall back on boring default questions like “what do you do?” and “where are you from?” They’ll be too busy engaging in creative tactile experiences such as:
Making and sharing their “dream” business cards, aka “life cards”. Interpreting Rorschach ink blots in pairs. Throwing paper airplanes that hold their school days memories. Making up histories for curious found objects. Writing “text messages” to each other in icing swirls on cookies. Spinning the Game of Life spinner and sharing a life memory with an emotional intensity level that corresponds to the number they spun.
A Tangible Possibility speed dating session begins with a ceremonious confiscation of cell phones, and it ends with participants receiving their “matches” via real, physical mail a few days after the event. Their matches will arrive as a series of contact cards in a real paper “matchbox."

Грант предоставил San Francisco, CA (June 2015)