The ME2!!!X: Deconstructing the Honda U3-X

From the producer of FANSCOOTER!
and the infamous LOLrioKart comes a new vehicle which should never exist: The ME2!!!X.

The ME2!!!X is a single-wheel holonomic balancing vehicle (overachiever unicycle?) based on the Honda U3-X:

Honda has never published details of their single wheel multiaxis balancing hardware except in a U.S. Patent Application 12/884,738 drawing, which showed the mechanism as really freaking hard to make.

Through some back-engineering, the mechanism has been turned into a form which is buildable by anyone using 2D (flat) machined parts, such as waterjet- and laser-cut parts, which could be ordered through Internet-based companies.

The ME2!!!X project is therefore going to realize this design and create a single wheel balancing platform upon which some sitting implement which should never be motorized will be mounted. The preliminary designs of ME2!!!X are at :

The rest of the website should be taken as proof (or exacerbating evidence) that I can build weird stuff with disturbing regularity and also obsessively document and write about it.

Грант предоставил Boston, MA (May 2011)