FIGMENT Boston is a 2-day interactive free art event that will take place on the Rose Kennedy Greenway on June 4 and 5. Our call for participation is open until April 15. Anyone can submit an art project of any kind! Our only real rule (aside from safety) is that all the art has to be interactive. We're the anti-gallery, where you can play with all the art!

We'll have a giant dome, aerial silks, multiple music areas with live music and DJs, marching bands, chalk art, crazy interactive sculptures, micro-theater, scavenger hunts, homemade art bicycles, maybe some art cars, giant kaleidoscopes, domes, a giant maze, and more. We're in discussions with the Aquarium about bringing a life-sized inflatable whale. We're event hoping to get the Giant Hammock to come back for the weekend!

This is our second event in Boston. Last year we drew about 10,000 people to a space on the Charles River on Memorial Drive near Harvard Square to see about 100 artists. This year, and hopefully for many years in the future, we will be on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. FIGMENT started in NYC in 2007. This year it will also have a 3rd city, Jackson, MS, and in 2012 we will add Detroit.

We have a core team of 16 volunteers who have been working for months to organize the event, and we will have about 100 volunteers at the event over the course of 2 days.

Our goal is to blow people's minds for the day. We want them to get off the train at South Station or walk down the street from the Aquarium and discover a world full of joy and art unlike anything they've ever seen. We want them to forget about whatever the problem of the day is and get swept up by the event. The interactive nature of our art is key. The idea is that people will leave with a huge smile plastered across their face and the inspiration to bring an amazing project of their own next year. We want to unleash the creativity in everyone.

Thanks for all the great work you do, and thanks for considering us! We also want to thank the Awesome Foundation for funding the Giant Hammock project! That project in many ways opened the doors for us to get onto the Greenway this year.

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