The Coalition Zine

The Coalition Zine is a global publication for young girls and non-binary babes of color to showcase their art, writing, thoughts and talents. The Zine started as a web-based publication from the mind of 17 year-old Fabiola Ching and has grown to include writing and photography editors. We are an entirely DIY operation of 16-22 year old girls working in our spare time to create a healthy creative space for each other. Currently, we publish weekly updates on our website and release zines every two months.

We have created a self-sustaining community of young creatives who are willing to learn from and support each other. This has also meant the establishment of our signature series "Cool Babes Doing Cool Things" in which we highlight people in our community and the strides they are taking to turn dreams into reality.

We have recently decided that part of this goal would incorporate putting on art shows and paying our contributors for their work. We feel that it is necessary to move from the web to real life if we want to fully promote our artists and writers. Our first show is scheduled for mid-August in New York.

The Awesome Foundation grant will go towards the publication of physical copies of the Coalition Zine, as well as toward their art show / re-launch party in August. We can't wait to attend!

Грант предоставил New York City, NY (February 2015)

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