StoryBook Productions’ mission is to empower children with ‘royal’ traits; showing through storybook characters that royalty isn’t just about fine clothes, fancy cars or nice things, but opening their hearts to others, & sharing kindness to those that need it most. It is all about learning essential life skills & connecting to their own power, focusing on friendship, dignity, respect, self-esteem, & purpose.

While dressed as storybook characters the children will recognize, StoryBook Productions will focus on the strong traits of each fantasy character. As an example, Cinderella, while being beautiful & wishing for her prince to come & rescue her, went after her dream & never gave up; Snow White, a princess chased by her evil stepmother, is kind, optimistic, & a happy person who sees the good in everyone; & Belle longs for adventures & has traits of bravery, independence, & intelligence.

From this world of make believe, children are free to explore different roles; it is practice for divergent thinking & problem solving. But on the lighter side, StoryBook Productions will create the magical place where anything is possible; where kids can be kids, & know that they are valued. It is our belief that if children are empowered they will develop sound character & be better enabled to navigate a world dominated with impersonal technology.
StoryBook characters will be available for parties, hospital visits, & special events.

While not a non-profit organization, StoryBook Productions will be heavily involved in charity work. Current plans include: (1) monthly drawing to award an "Evening of Royalty" to a needy, low-income child, (2) summer Princess Giving Retreats, (3) annual Charity Masquerade Ball.

StoryBook characters will be played by the founders of StoryBook Productions, but also by high school students. These individuals will be chosen for their character as they will be role models; a win-win situation as all StoryBook Productions employees will benefit from their interaction with the children!

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