Women's Health -- HPV and Pap Screening

Women's health is a major challenge for the clinic. We are adding about 40 new patients each month and two-thirds are women, many of whom have not received any health care for years.

The clinic added a gynecological program in 2013 and it continues to expand. In mid-2014 the clinic added HPV testing to its range of women's services which includes screening mammograms and Pap testing. The clinic is fortunate to receive reduced rates for these tests due to its non-profit status and the work of its volunteers.

HPV infection is a precursor to several types of cancer, so it is important to test for it. The test costs the clinic $45, so the charges add up quickly. However, the benefit of the test cannot be understated, especially for patients who have gone for years without any Pap or HPV screening.

The goal of this program is to provide HPV and Pap testing to as many of our patients as possible.

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