Rhythm and Spirit

My project is called Rhythm and Spirit. When I care for individuals in homes, retirement homes, and long term care facilities - I often sing softly. One time I was with a client with communication struggles and we sang together. We walked by a recreation room with other individuals, and they joined in.

I would like to make instruments out of recycled materials if possible, and low cost supplies. I would like to offer group activities around making or personalizing hand made instruments. I would like it to be a weekly activity if different retirement and long term care facilities, and for those interested, have a performance night where they can invite their families and friends. The performance may include playing music, singing, and dancing. These are activities which lift my spirit and it would be a joy to start this project.

I feel this idea will enhance the quality of life of many individuals as well as their families their families.

All individuals will also gain awareness of the Kingston Drum Circle and gives a possibility, for those able, to join the the open community drum circle. Some hand made instruments will also be brought to the community drum circle to ensure that all individuals have an opportunity to play music and enjoy being included in this growing community.

I greatly enjoy organizing events and the 'performance days will be a celebration of accomplishment, and each practice day will be a celebration of life.

These ideal lightweight drums will make it feasible for me to carry in my bicycle carrier and not require to use the car. I have a variety of heavy djembes; however, it is not feasible to carry them with me unless I use the care. This these made instruments will help the environment, engage creativity, and enhance quality of life.

Грант предоставил Kingston (July 2014)