Goodie Hackathon For Under-Served Communities

Goodie Hack, the Idea Hackathon Series for Social Good in Under-Served Communities, brings techies and non-techies together for a day of brainstorming and developing web and mobile apps to make awesome purpose-driven organizations who serve under-served communities even more impactful.

The Atlanta Q2 2014 Goodie Hack will allow ten (10) purpose-driven organizations to present a list of the top 4 non-financial challenges to achieving their mission. After learning have to generate an app idea using Lean Startup, 70 software developers and business professionals will break up into teams. They'll have five (5) hours to come up with an idea and/or start to develop an app that solves their assigned organization's problem. At the end of the five hours, the idea teams pitch their apps to a panel of non-profit leaders, startup founders, and investors.

Not only do the organizations get really cool ideas to make them better, but they also get to expose their mission to more awesome people who may volunteer with them in the future. Additionally, the awesome participants get a quick taste of the tech startup life, and may even use the Goodie Hack experience as a launch pad to their own life as an entrepreneur.

We believe our communities already have all of the resources in place to solve the majority of problems, but the ecosystem isn’t very efficient. Our goals are to help the organizations already working on education, health & wellness, economic, safety, and environmental issues, and connect to each so their collective impact is greater. We’ve even coined the hashtag #NoNewNonProfits

Грант предоставил Atlanta, GA (June 2014)