Chaotic Noise Marching Corps

My project, the Chaotic Noise Marching Corps is an ongoing experiment in mobile performance art and also long term leaderless group sustainability.

Chaotic Noise Marching Corps is easiest to describe as a renegade marching band. What differentiates us from the average stage band is our specialty in transforming any space into an over the top high energy show.

Our bread and butter performance is when we go to a neighborhood and do a pub crawl with anywhere between 10 and 30 horn players and/or percussionists. We'll stand on chairs, run in circles, yell through megaphones and play a handful of songs that we spend over 5 hours a week practicing and refining as a group year round.

We also do your regular club shows at venues throughout the city, but we try our best to leave an imprint on the audience that other groups are unable to match due to our sheer size and the fact that we are 100% mobile and self contained. We take pride in needing no assistance from the sound guy, lighting engineer, special effects expert or any other venue staff. We just need a space to perform and a crowd to rile up.

We thrive on public revelry, so when there is a time of celebration, whether that be the seahawks superbowl victory, passing marriage equality, or marijuana being legalized, we will take to the streets to join the seattle public and provide a soundtrack for the festivities.

When it's the average cloudy day in Seattle, we believe it to be our duty to take people out of their everyday routine. The world is boring without spontaneity, and CNMC is a performance group that is equivalent to an atom bomb of spontaneous celebratory energy.

We believe that art, music, performance, and impulsive fun should be free to everyone. So we do our best to perform as often as we can for free in public. Unfortunately, this is an expensive hobby for the 20-30 artists involved and and we are always pinching pennies for our many assorted sub projects.

Грант предоставил Seattle, WA (May 2014)