Worker Center Tool Library

The Southside Worker Center was opened by Southside Presbyterian Church as one of their social justice ministries in 2006 to provide a safe place of workers to wait for employment and to negotiate a just daily wage with potential employers. The Southside Worker Center connects employees with work. We are a grassroots non-profit organization.

Along with offering a space for workers to wait for work we also focus on empowering the leadership of the workers through a variety of trainings, shared decision making, and by maintaining the Center as a worker-run organization.

Currently, we are organizing an effort to have a storage room filled with work tools (such as drills, jackhammers, rakes, etc.) so that when workers have a construction job or get hired to do landscaping, painting or tile work, they will be able to rent (at low-cost) the tools that we hope to have available for them. The profits made will be recycled back to the organization so that we continue to expand and maintain our tool selection.

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