IRCA Start up Capacity Building.

Short Introduction: Idaho Refugee Community Association Inc. is a volunteer based not-for-profit organization that helps and provides a number of free services to refugee community in Idaho:
-free interpretation/translation services,
- helping refugee to search jobs, fill application and get ready for interview.
- sometimes we provide skills training in our small office
- help refugees find and apply low-income housing
- help them find available resources. Sometime we refer them to know

resources offices.
- from time to time we run special free English classes with translation
- help driver training using our volunteers
- we provide mentoring services to some of the weakest families
- provide free consultation, when they are lost and mad, and could't figure out

what to do.
- provide mediation in between refugee and their resettlement agencies,
when they cannot understand each other.
The organization also advocates for refugees when they need help for their rights.
The organization has been registered legally in August 2011, and has a small office in Boise.

This program is to strength the organization, materially and physically. We are equipping with minimum office equipment (furniture and machinery) so that the organization can acquire to perform its mission. Currently the organization is using old and used furniture and borrowed office machines from its members.
Also we have the 2nd phase in parallel with that, which is training the volunteer staff and Board members for their role of responsibility and tasks

Here, we are asking your organization a small grant to cover the costs of a small portion of our project. Namely, computer software and IRS Tax exempt fee. We make ready the tax exemption application

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