Creative Connections - Our House Walton Community

Our project is a weekly arts and craft session for community members who attend Our House Walton Community Hub. It is mostly people who live in Walton that attend this group but it is open to anyone and people from outside the area have attended. In 2023, Our House worked with around 750 people on various projects. I asked community members what they wanted to do which led to a collective decision of creative arts so we collaboratively began this group. The attendees at each arts and craft session is usually between 8 and 12 people each week with the highest attendance being 15. I invite every community member to attend and always make sure to make new members at Our House feel welcome.

The target demographic of this group is adults and elderly people. The hub is a vital resource for our community members as they attend every day. We keep contact details of our members and we use social media to promote our services.

Our House has funded the arts and craft project for the past 3 months. I have had to look for low cost items in order to keep within the small budget. Our House is a newly established charity and does not have endless amounts of funding to continue this project. We do not ask people to fund these sessions as Walton is an area that experiences poverty and disadvantage. According to the MP for Walton, Dan Carden, Walton is now the most deprived constituency in the country. A lot of the people who attend these sessions would not be able to afford to pay for the classes and materials which is why Our House has funded it so far.

This project is facilitated by Our house staff and volunteers. We do plan to look for some more volunteers who could bring fresh ideas to the group. With more funding, we also plan to look into some more difficult crafts. The £500 pot will not be part of a larger pot. With this funding alone we will be able to fund the arts and craft sessions for 20 weeks as we have managed to do so since October on a limited budget.

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