Georgetown Holiday Celebration

For the past five years, although one year we couldn't hold the event because of Covid, the community has come together to welcome in the holidays with our tree lighting and lighting of the Star of David at Harry Murch Park. Every year we have tried to make this an even better event, but with better comes the challenge of budget. This year, we are scheduling our event for Sunday, December 3 4:00-6:00.

This year we are bringing together the tradition of Holiday on Main Street with our local businesses to incorporate their efforts to bring people down town. We are partnering with our businesses to help them and bring our community together on the streets of Georgetown for a full day. We are inviting people to visit our local businesses starting at 10am, our event starts at 4:00, and we have the Santa tour going throughout the day as well. Should be a fun day for everyone.

We have dedicated funds towards marketing the day to include flyers and banners that will be hung around Georgetown. We also spend money on the wreaths that go onto the poles, food and drink, and other small items. But this year, we are also trying to purchase a Menorah as our Star of David has grown old and is somewhat small. We are finding this to be quite expensive and would love to have that stand beside the town Christmas Tree which we planted this year.

We feel that this is a great event for our community as it brings everyone in our town together to celebrate the beginning of what should be the happiest time of the year, while at the same time helping our businesses that work so hard to stay afloat and earn a living.

Thank you for your consideration and welcome everyone down to the holiday festivities on Dec 3

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