A.I.M (Art. In. Mindfulness) Project

The A.I.m project is helping 30 youth this spring summer and fall development emotional learning skills which help them a their household distress. Being certified in meditation from f.I.u and Harvard medical school we ensure the most quality results to our youth in this topic.
After becoming certified to coach track we have been training youth for upcoming meets and helping participants reach fitness goals! One Saturday each month we hold art contests for young artists for cash prizes and other awards. This project is holistically combining arts and physical activities to spring forth the best in each child.
A part of the arts and paining portion will be creating banners designs with great words/quotes we came up with. Putting these banners on corner stores and gas stations in the community will make sure teens and young adults at risk see these good thought provoking banners and it takes a good affect on their minds daily as they see the words in their communities.

Грант предоставил Cleveland, OH (June 2023)