Josh Hanson Memorial Bike Clinic

The Josh Hanson Memorial Bike Clinic is a newly re-named annual FREE bike clinic in Fairbanks, Alaska that has been helping (as it was previously called) "Fix Yr Sweet Bike" since 2014. We are a collective of bicycle mechanics who come together in the spring each year to tune bikes & teach our fellow riders how to repair minor problems on their own.

Bicycles are liberatory & awesome & - with just a little learning - accessible to many. We stage our clinic at public places & focus on helping people who cannot afford to take their bikes to a regular shop. In the past, this has included fixing children's bicycles at a local subsidized apartment complex & at downtown homeless outreach events.

Many of our unhoused neighbors do not have the resources to buy supplies & their bicycles are usually in rough condition because of it. The winter's up here are tough & when bicycles are ridden without proper winterization things break. These folks often have no other transportation options & they sure don't need their life to be harder in this way. Our basic service includes checking gears & derailleurs for shifting issues, the drive train, brakes, tires, cables/housing, wheel & frame alignments, wheel spokes, head stocks & seat poles.

Our event is always free & we provide as many tools & supplies as we can. We would like to put together basic bicycle care kits to give out at the event as well as buy more of the high-need items that we always run out of due to the limits of our own finances.

This Year, the Josh Hanson Memorial Bike Clinic will be held at Fairbanks' local soup kitchen,the Stone Soup Cafe - where several of our clinic mechanics work &/or volunteer to feed their vulnerable neighbors, year-round. This is one more way that we can serve our community.

Грант предоставил Homelessness (March 2023)