Community Wellness Kits during May and July

The Brain and Body Coalition is on a mission to help the community of Poughkeepsie and the BIPOC population to remind them of a simple fact the brain is part of the body
In other words, mental health, and physical health are directly connected so we should take care of both and also remember that we can comfortably speak about both. Our organization provides different trainings and tools to the community, and we are currently servicing Dutchess, Ulster, Putnam and Westchester Counties. We provide these tools by way of trainings, education and advocacy. We have already provided Mental Health education kits to FDR High School, and Poughkeepsie High School. We have also secured and MOU with Nubian Directions on 248 Main Street in Poughkeepsie Providing their group with a workshop titled “It is what it is, breaking down the Barriers of Stigma” we have also provided Narcan training which is something we will continue to provide. We find that it is important to support the adults that are supporting our children so the workshops and trainings that we offer are geared for adults. We also know that our youth are under a lot of stress. Even more so since the pandemic. So as part of our mission in teaching the skills to handle a mental health condition we are providing wellness and educational packets to our children in the community.
Since the brain is part of the body and whole health and wellness is very important, we know that distributing helpful information along with items like fidget spinners, and stress balls, mindful activities, and a list of culturally competent resources is beneficial for both families and our youth. This project is just not awesome. It is super awesome because when it is seen, into fruition we will be able to help our children who are being affected coming out of the pandemic and they do not know how to handle their emotions. Having access to these materials will be beneficial.

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