Love (Let Our Voices Echo)

I am an aspiring musician that fled to Australia as a refugee from Botswana. Throughout my schooling years, I enjoyed poetry and developed a great passion for music and storytelling.

After school and on weekends I played sports, made music and always engaged in activities to stay occupied. I feel that many kids these days are getting in trouble because they lack passion and guidance.

I will produce a 4 song EP (Album) called LOVE (Let Our Voices Echo). It will spread a positive message to the youth by encouraging them to focus on school, sports and their passions as too many are being misled down the wrong path and jeopardising their futures.

My EP will contain 4 professionally recorded songs with themes promoting positive behaviour as lyricism and storytelling is an effective way to capture an audience. The aim of the project is to educate the youth, spread positivity and encourage them to LOVE (Let Their Voices Echo).

Грант предоставил Melbourne (February 2023)