International Word of the Day

Traveling the world for studies and work, I was very lucky to learn many languages and I am currently fluent in 5 (Italian, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish).
I have always thought that speaking foreign languages was a great way to understand different cultures. On the other hand, not everyone has the chance to travel the world.

So I have started a facebook community almost as a game about a month ago: .
The idea is simple: every day I post an image and the word associated to it translated into 6 languages (I have added German to my list so that I can learn a new word per day as well!).

The community has gotten a lot of engagement and I reached almost 15,000 fans (and growing)!
Some members are adding translations in other languages ranging from Greek to Japanese to Russian. Some others are providing me with translations in local dialects.
All are writing amazing feedback!

I have decided to extend this communities to other social networks such as twitter and tumblr (
I have now decided to create a game, which is still in development: because I believe that learning has also to be fun.

My vision is that people of all ages should be able to be continuously learning, no matter what their education level or social status is. I believe in the concept of school for life as, even I am not a student anymore, what gets me thrilled is learning new things. Whilst I enjoy unstructured and informal learning, I also truly appreciate the idea of having something small and simple I know I will be learning every day.

Eventually I would like to expand this concept across multiple disciplines but there is still a lot to be done to make this international word of the day community truly awesome and I want to keep on working until I can teach (and learn) a lot more languages in the most effective way!

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