Pancakes: The Stop Motion Animation

I want to make a stop-motion animation about pancakes. I have a strong spiritual relationship with food. In my family, we express everything through what we cook. We ascribe to…for every human emotion there is a meal. So, there's food for loss-Edible Arrangements and there's food for birth-bagels with the works. I'm the chef, short order cook,  in our house and so part of the way that I express love is through food. Pancakes on Saturdays are statements. They are my way of saying "yes" "I love you" "I would do anything for you."

Stop-motion animation is an obsessively slow process. For the Awesome Project, I would like to produce a six-minute stop-motion animation. I hope to exhibit this video at the CICA Museum in S. Korea next November.

My current exhibition at the Maine Maritime Museum includes four animations. The videos begin with oil painting, which I then digitize and animate in Adobe Premiere Pro. A reasonably smooth stop motion animation requires 12+ frames/second. Therefore a 6 minute animation will be around 4,320+ frames. However, my most recent videos include multiple movements occurring in parallel. This simultaneity pushes the frame count closer to 20,000 frames. A six-minute video is a significant project, but I can’t wait to start.

Грант предоставил Boston, MA (November 2022)