Zach's Sacks

Zach's Sacks is a brand new organization started in honor of my late son, Zachary Wolfe Pressman. Zachary was tragically killed in a drunk driving crash on February 1, 2016. He was a giver, a lover of all people and one of the kindest souls to walk this earth.
To honor him we will fill sacks of all kinds to help those in need. The sack could be a brown bag with water and cookies, it could be a school lunch. It could be luggage for a foster child or a handbag of toiletries or it could be a backpack with socks, t-shirts and underwear.

You see, there really is no limit to what a Zach's Sack can be. It's all about the love and the connection of one person handing it to another person. Is there anything more precious than connection? Help us to connect to those in need, to those who a sack of love makes all the difference.

The business side of things.....we are a registered nonprofit in Maryland and are awaiting our final paperwork for our 501C3 designation

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