GreasyPole Shrine

For the past 20 years the Greasypole Shrine has been a new Fiesta Tradition. Its started with Paul Nicastro and myself putting a few pictures up Felica Oil as the Greasypole walkers would have a small background when they clean up after walking the pole.

This a labor of love and no money was ever asked or given from the St. Peter Committee. Paul and I paid it all out of pocket.

Over the years it has grown from 15 pictures and now every Friday Champ picture, plus Saturday and Sunday Champ pictures into the 1940's

Since now its on the Front side of the Shed at Felicia Oil, lots of people have now been stopping to take pictures and telling stories of friends and family of those who won.

Now after each day when, the newly Greasy Pole Champ has been taking their pictures in front of the Shrine and having the all the pictures used a backdrop.

People reach out to us every year and ask what new addition or Theme wall is going to be. After the Pandemic, I took upon myself to re-due print and laminate all the Champs pictures. I remade all the Champ Day and the Greasy Pole Shrine signs. With the signs I cut news boards, painted them and custom wood lasered lettering.

We also took the tradition that we started in 2013 of giving the GreasyPole Champ a windbreaker jacket with the day they won. Friday champ get a White jacket, Saturday get a Red jacket and Sunday gets a Green jacket. The new champs feel proud to walk around with a jacket and knowing it comes from the Paul N I from the GreasyPole Shrine

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