As a mental health advocate: I've experienced multiple psychoses in the passed.
Now 8 years later, i'm a rolemodel,, i write & perform Poetry, Spokenword and i also make theater.

Art & Culture became my saviour.

My idea is called Psychoerty: Psycho & Poerty, A platform for Artists who have had a burn-out/Psychoses or is a schizofrenic, autist, or any orther diagnoses what could be considered as a outcast.

Apart from beeing damaged, there is not much for us to do, nor places to go or people to meet.

With my idea I would like to help & give those like me: a day, a stage, a face.

it will be a day were the artist can perform & express their selfs.
Also invite friends and family.

This would be nice, on a sunny summerday (July/August).
in Charlois or afrikaanderwijk or any other place in Rotterdam Zuid.

This project is to help and show my faith members, that you can bounce back, after a braincrash.

Грант предоставил Rotterdam (June 2022)