We are MEgood. We have a sustainability platform with game-challenges that are based on the sustainable development goals. We use visuals, puzzles and practical challenges to connect with the player to help them reach their individual goal. Whether this is to learn and become more aware of a specific sustainability topic, contribute and make impact, just have fun and earn points or play in a positive competition with friends, family or colleagues. It is all good. In the end everyone benefits, because MEgood is WEgood.

The platform was built to connect, share knowledge and call to action in a positive way. We spread positivity and fun. The more people play, the more impact we make!

With every game the player increases its level of awareness of a specific sustainable goal and is triggered to carry out the associated practical challenge that immediately impacts that goal. After you have played our game printfoot, you will think twice before printing anything on paper. Our game “make room for insects” is played by schools. It teaches the importance of biodiversity. The player learns the purpose of insects, the player is urged to go outside and spot insects and finally the player will build its own insect tower that can be placed on the schoolyard or at home in the garden or balcony. Check out our website for our other games. It is our aim to address all topics also social issues and to develop games that trigger understanding, tolerance, inclusivity and resilience.

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