Madrid Food Program

The Madrid Food Program operates as a critical component of the Madrid Cultural Projects (MCP), a 501(c)(3) New Mexico non-profit corporation on a mission to preserve and protect Madrid's historical structures and foster cultural projects, which support and promote community, provide for art, recreation, and education, encourage youth projects, and enhance the sustainability and economic viability of our historic town.

The Madrid Food Program has provided food and necessities for members of our community for 20+ years. We provide food, cleaning supplies, and hygienic items, making deliveries to those in need. We serve, on average, 25 households in the Madrid/Cerrillos area every week.

The Food Program receives funding through MCP, as well as individual donations and business contributions. As food costs are on the rise and we aim to serve more households, fundraising has become the main priority for our volunteer team.

This year we are hoping to increase outreach in the Cerrillos/Madrid, New Mexico areas, diversify our food offerings, and build a community, free pantry which would be accessible to those in need 24/7.

Грант предоставил Santa Fe, NM (May 2022)

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