Liverpool Party Library

Can a party be zero hassle and zero waste? We, from Liverpool Cloth Nappy Library are on a mission to make celebrations more sustainable, joyful and kind to both the pocket and the planet! Our parties in a box will be an affordable and easy way for families and friends to celebrate life's milestones- including plates, cups, cutlery, party tableware and decorations to transform any ordinary space into one of your favourite memories.
Parties can be sources of a lot of waste, from leftovers to disposable tableware, wrapping paper and packaging. Hiring one of our party kits could help significantly reduce that waste. We'll even have an option to return the kit unwashed for minimum effort!
We're passionate about enabling all families to live more sustainably, and that it shouldn't be more expensive for families to choose an eco-friendly option.
We're also looking to partner with local community organisations and charities as well as suppliers to offer a donation of one party a month, with all the trimmings to a child who wouldn't otherwise be able to have a birthday party.
Particularly after the past two years, now is an ideal time, both to consider the impact of parties on the planet, and also to recognise the importance of parties to family and community life. Many children have missed out on ideal memory-making opportunities and we'd love to get some parties started!

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