Restoration of the “Watermark”

Restoration of the “Watermark”
As I left work at Maritime Gloucester this summer, I would pass the “Watermark” and I would quietly think to myself, if only I could fix her. As the season wore on it soon became my mission to do just that. Due to Covid 19, she has been weathering storms and enduring the sun expanding and contracting her hull. She needs some repairs and standard maintenance to restore her to working order. With lots of hinting and outright hard work persuasion Michael De Koster Director of Maritime Gloucester, has finally given me permission and time in the ice house to restore her to working order with the caveat that she will need a plan to pay for herself regarding dock space and maintenance. To do this we will initiate a public sailing program based on donations. Before we can implement the program we need to bring her to serviceable order.

Boat Assessment Summary

Caulking and waterproofing
Needs some cotton
The boat scraped down completely
1 coat of anti-fouling paint/exterior and interior below the waterline
1 coat of primer
1 coat of paint
or possible replacement
New centerboard
Possible flooring readjustments
Possible replacement of two planks
New rudder.

As part of this project, I will be incorporating an Eagle service project organizing the boy scouts to help with a certain segment of the restoration project.

The Watermark is a special girl. She is a Pinky Ketch, used for a little bit of everything but mainly lobstering. The special quality she possesses is the ability to come to a complete stop with both sails up, proving useful in pulling pots. With the completion of her restoration, she will become another treasured pearl in Gloucester’s Maritime collection of working sea vessels.

Грант предоставил Gloucester, MA (February 2022)