Student Literacy Contest, "The Book Cover Contest"

Reading Quest is a local non profit organization that provides joyful, quality reading tutoring for striving readers. We empower children to believe in themselves and we support them to become strong, enthusiastic readers. We also provide reading training for teachers and volunteer tutors and we employ a team of 13 Reading Specialists provide free tutoring for over 200 students every week. Reading Quest students make remarkable growth in reading, perseverance and self-esteem. We also work to create engaging literacy experiences for all students in Santa Fe, including book giveaways and literacy contests.

We are requesting funding to offer a "Book Cover Literacy Contest" for all students in grades 1-12. This contest asks students to read a book of their choice and create their own original book cover. In addition, they must explain why they chose that particular book and how it connects to their book cover image.

In the fall, we held a Song, Rap and Poem literacy contest which was very successful and we have since received many requests to hold another contest. Our contests are very popular with schools in Santa Fe since students from all schools are invited to participate, including the New Mexico School for the Deaf, the Santa Fe Indian School and Pueblo schools. Especially right now, teachers are hungry for creative projects they can assign that motivate students to read and reflect on what they read. Students love this kind of imaginative, fun contest which gives them the opportunity to integrate literacy and art. Our Song, Rap and Poem contest was sponsored by the PNM Foundation and we do not have any funding for this new contest.

All of the winning entries will be printed on bookmarks that will be distributed in schools and local libraries, and the winning book cover will grace the side of a city bus!

The winners also receive a book of their choice and a cash prize, in addition to a lot of publicity and a Reading Quest Certificate of Achievement and medal!

Грант предоставил Santa Fe, NM (February 2021)

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