Bing Bong! Dark humour cards

Backstory- 2020 has been awful, in January my brother was diagnosed with metastatic bowel cancer, By late January we knew it was stage 4 and incurable but there was some hope that treatments may give him a few more years. Turns out he had an exceptional cancer that was resistant to all treatments and after a brutal 11 months he passed away on 11.11.20. I know, it’s shit.

During this year I have been making him protest cards, to object to cancer initially (for context of the images attached he called his cancer ‘the rat’). Bumbags feature heavily, his chemo treatment involved a full day at the beatson and sent him home with a Bumbag full of drugs that were pumped into him over the next 24 hours. After a while it became less about protesting against cancer and more about protesting anything that would give him a giggle. Some are pretty abstract, there’s a distinct ornithology theme too.

Im in the prices of digitally drawing the cards, and finessing them - many of the originals are an immediate emotional reaction to whatever has been happening. I guess I found it therapeutic. The nurses and carers loved them and have all asked where they can buy them.

Over this year we, as a family, have had huge support from Cancer Support Scotland and I’d like to give something back by getting cards made to sell and send on the profits to Cancer Support Scotland.

Грант предоставил Glasgow (February 2021)