Remixing the Recital is a multimedia web installation exploring classical and electronic music, aiming to create a unique and accessible way of engaging with classical music. features a recorded solo violin recital by Vivek Menon. In conjunction with the recital, five electronic musicians of various styles are commissioned to remix these solo violin recordings. Bridging these elements is a browser-based music production software developed by Webb Hinton, allowing users to recompose the violin recordings into new tracks. All three components will be hosted on a website. can make a contribution to diversity in classical music by offering accessible opportunities for experiential digital learning. By enabling people to interact with classical music through remixing, this project will foster new interest and appreciation of the art form. In order to commission producers to create the remixes, prepare and record the recital content, and develop the browser-based music production software, has a projected release date of July 2021. will illuminate relationships between music from different eras, and enable musicians from diverse traditions to engage in a productive and stimulating exchange of creative ideas.

Грант предоставил Raleigh, NC (November 2020)