Gerald Taves Fund

I would like to develop a fund that would pay cremation services and run an obituary notice in the paper for anyone who passes who was experiencing homelessness or had been housed due to homelessness, in our community. So many of the folks that i have met along the way pass and the family that is left are scrambling to borrow the money needed to claim their loved one's remains.
Unfortunately it is expensive to even run an obituary in the paper and most of the folks who are truly indigent are left to the state without so much is a notice in the paper that they are no longer with us.
I want to remove some of that worry for them during an already heartbreaking time. I just want to make it possible to get loved ones home to their families after they pass away.
Last December I started a memorial service for those who had died while homeless, housed from homelessness and those who never made it indoors. When I made that list of names there were 79 that just a few of us remembered losing, that number has risen quite a bit since Dec.2019.
Nobody should go unclaimed by their community.

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