Incredible Edible Knowsley

We grow food with the community for the community and all the food we grow is free for everyone. Our aims are to

Reduce food poverty
Reduce isolation and loneliness
Improve health & wellbeing
Improve the environment

Since the pandemic we have started to deliver seedlings to people across Merseyside so that they can grow their own vegetables at home, schools, supported accommodation, mental health units, hospitals and other community groups.

We start seeds off on site at Court Hey and wait till they are strong enough to give out to people. We have had a huge response from this and there are a lot of people now growing across Merseyside. This will not only provide fresh food for people but it is also good for their mental wellbeing, we have had a lot of people tell us how much this has helped them during lock down.

Once the seedlings are ready we deliver out to people across Merseyside. We have a list and make sure that everyone who requests some seedling's gets some. We then once getting to the bottom of the list offer a different variety of seedlings along with some seeds, so that they are progressing on with their learning of growing. Once the lock down is over we will offer free horticulture course so people can continue to develop themselves.

We will continue to grow on site and when the food is ready to harvest we will give it to people in the community for free.

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