Moorhead Community Supply Drive

The Moorhead Community Supply Drive is an effort to support Moorhead Area public schools, our students, and families during this unprecedented time. We recognize parents may be struggling to get basic hygiene necessities to care for their families. With the delivery of mobile meals Monday-Friday via Moorhead school buses, we saw an opportunity to get these items donated delivered to families in need. We also recognize that it was no small feat for Moorhead Area Public Schools to roll out child care services for families of first responders. This vital services provides care for approximately 45 students per day, so their parents can care for the sick or keep our grocery stores stocked. Knowing that childcare service was not previously a function for our school district, we wanted to support their efforts by getting the supplies they need to make it the most successful it can be. Finally, we recognize the need to help augment distance learning being provided at West Central Juvenile Center. Currently, West Central is serving approximately 65 students.

With these goals in mind, we created two lists. Our Target registry includes hygiene products, toys and games for the child care service. Our Amazon Wish List was developed for the unique needs of our students at West Central. Meeting these goals will mean we are serving students birth through age 18 in our community.

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