Canopy Medical Transgender Care Medications

Canopy Medical Clinic is a Reproductive and Gender-Affirming clinic that will be opening it's doors in February, 2020. One of the specialities of Canopy Medical will be providing gender-affirming hormone therapy to transgender individuals. Canopy Medical will also provide sexual and reproductive health services to women, men, and LBGTQ individuals. The mission of Canopy Medical Clinic is to help patients reach their goals of living their most authentic lives, while also providing evidence-based, holistic healthcare services.

Having provided medical care to women and transgender individuals for most of my health career, I hear awful stories on the way patients are treated at pharmacies when they go to pick up their medications. Women are occasionally unable to get emergency contraception because of a pharmacy's ethical beliefs. Transgender patients are called names, such as "fag" when they go to pick up their hormone medication. Similarly, many pharmacy employees are unfamiliar with hormone transitioning, and make mistakes on patient's prescriptions or give patients the wrong information.

To help bypass some of these prejudices, errors and complications, Canopy Medical Clinic aims to act as a pharmacy, and have these medications on-hand to dispense to patients while they are at the clinic for their routine appointments. This avoids the need for a patient to travel to another location to pick up their medication, avoids errors with pharmacists who are unfamiliar with their hormone medication regime, and avoids ill treatment that some transgender patients receive when going to a pharmacy.

Providing a patient's prescription to them while they are in a clinic also increases medication compliancy and adherence. The goal of this project is to give patients more options and choices when it comes to where they receive their medical care and supplies.

Грант предоставил Cass Clay (March 2020)