From Strangers to Neighbors 2.0

We are organizing “From Strangers to Neighbors 2.0” to be held in April 2020, which is an event highlighting the values that refugees and immigrants bring to American society and culture.
The planning committee is comprised of local chefs, taxi drivers, teachers, and university students representing the immigrant and refugee groups of Rochester, NY. Contacts from Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Cameroon, and more will share their desires to highlight their culture’s achievements and values to counter ill-informed stereotypes, rewriting the narrative of refugees as one of empowerment and hope.
Strangers to Neighbors 2.0 will provide guests with a set of action items and tools to create dialogue at the event and take home to continue those conversations with the people around them: allowing the festival’s impact to last longer than just a few hours on a Saturday afternoon as guests to combat day-to-day prejudice.

Грант предоставил Rochester, NY (February 2020)

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